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Performance Coaching

Coaching is a collaborative process based on a trusting relationship. It is not advice giving and does not involve the coach telling you what to do or sharing their experience or opinions. Although at times coaching can have a therapeutic effect, it is worth noting that it is not counselling nor therapy. 

Enable Wellness Consultancy offers two types of coaching:

  • Personal Performance Coaching

  • Business Coaching

Personal Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching aims to improve performance and focuses on the present and the actions you can take to achieve your goals. The process of coaching is based on offering support and challenge in equal measures and it endeavours to enable you to set ambitious goals, understand the barriers and then find ways to overcome them to achieve you personal ambitions. 


We will help you learn strategies to overcome personal barriers and gain confidence while getting closer to reaching your true potential.

Business Coaching

Business coaching is for business owners and entrepreneurs who are working to maximise the potential of their business by helping them clarify the vision of their business and how it fits in with their personal goals. Business Coaching can help you set inspirational goals, make better decisions about your business and improve your relationship with your team. 

Undertaking business coaching will support and challenge you to: 

       - Reconnect with 'the why' you doing what you doing and where is your business heading

       - Take action and drive your business forward

       - Move from being good in your business to being outstanding

       - Take control of your time without losing control of your business

       - Effect change and take your team with you 

Coaching Supervision

The supervision we offer to coaches endeavours to support reflective practice and to enable them to use their coaching work as an opportunity for growth and development. 


Contact us if you are a coach and you're interested in receiving good quality coaching supervision.

Coaching Supervision
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