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What we do 

Talking therapies

Talking therapies is a generic term that covers a range of psychological interventions that involve talking to a trained professional about your difficulties. 


We offer a range of talking therapies like Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, EMDR, Psychotherapy and Couples Therapy. The aim of all talking therapies is to help you understand the nature of your difficulties, manage emotional distress and make positive changes that will enable you to live a more fulfilled life. 

Your needs and current difficulties will generally dictate the type and length of therapy that may best suit you. This can be discussed with your therapist during your initial consultation and then you will mutually agree what is the best course of action to follow.

Performance Coaching

We offer coaching to individuals interested in enhancing their personal performance in their private or work life, as well as business coaching to business owners who want to gain clarity about their business goals and learn strategies to achieve greater success in their line of business.

Coaching is an intervention designed to empower and motivate individuals or teams to develop and improve their performance with the aim of achieving ambitious personal or professional goals. The goals set in coaching are based on personal development needs and are designed to motivate and inspire to take one's performance to a new high.

Training and Supervision

We offer training packages on Mental Health and Wellbeing subjects and provide supervision to professionals delivering talking therapies and/or coaching.

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