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Psychology for under 25

Psychology for under 25 - young individuals, children and families

Enable Wellness Consultancy provides a therapeutic service for children and families as well as to young individuals up to the age of 25 who are struggling with emotional and behavioural difficulties. These can range from early years challenges and parenting approaches to coping with bullying, bereavement and loss.  We can provide psychological help for anxiety (exam anxiety included), low mood, low self-esteem, obsessional behaviour, difficulties around eating, self-harm and reactions to trauma.

Child and Therapist

Here at Enable Wellness Consultancy we want to ensure that we provide your child with a positive experience of therapy. Our psychologists, use their expertise to build up a helpful relationship through talking, writing or , drawing which then provides the best vehicle to support them to make sense of difficult feelings or experiences. 

Our aim is to offer your child therapy that is as individual as they are.

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