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Certificate in Supervision 

Certificate in Counselling and Psychotherapy Supervision

This course is modelled on the BACP Curriculum Framework for Counselling and Psychotherapy Supervision, which is informed by the UCL Roth and Pilling Core competencies for supervision ( ) It involves 60 hours of taught sessions and approximately 100 hours of private study during the year. Assessment will be through an essay, a short presentation, a learning journal and the analysis of a recorded supervision session.  Candidates are also required to provide a log of 20 hours of supervision practice.  The Certificate fulfils the training requirement for BACP supervisor accreditation.


The structure of the course

The course will commence on Friday 28 September with a 2 day programme.  This will be followed by 6 monthly Wednesday sessions and a final 2 day session on Friday and Saturday 17 and 18 May 2019.  The Wednesday dates are: 7 November, 5 December, 16 January, 13 February, 13 March, 10 April.

The weekend sessions will run from 10.00-5.30 pm. The day will be divided into three parts.  There will be a lecture/seminar each week, followed by a practical supervision session, in turn, followed by a supervision of supervision group. Assignments will be set each term that will be assessed at approximately NVQ Level 5. Supervision practice sessions will be held in groups of not more than 5 people

We aim to recruit between 10 and 15 people to the course. Learning materials will be provided. Some books may have to be purchased but we intend to organise a cooperative book lending resource.


The course will be organised in three modules:

Module 1 Getting started in supervision

Module 2 Developing supervision competence 1 (Supervision Process)

Module 3 Developing supervision competence 2 (Groups and organisational applications)

Application Process:

Download an application form here





Send to:

Closing date for applications:  24th August  2018


Fee: £1250.  The fee may be paid in termly instalments.

Programme aims

The aim of the supervisor training programme is to enable students to develop:

  • The capacity to supervise counsellors and psychotherapists in different contexts and in different modalities including group supervision.

  • Knowledge of therapy and practice, and a full range of competencies such that the student would be eligible for formal registration/accreditation as a supervisor upon completion of the required hours of supervised practice

  • The confidence to recognise personal, professional and training needs in themselves and their supervisees, to maintain their own wellbeing and to promote and support the wellbeing of their supervisees​

The syllabus will include the following:

  • Supervision theory and practice: models of supervision

  • The supervisory relationship

  • Ethics

  • Supervision process and skills

  • Difference and diversity in supervision

  • Supervising and assessing trainees

  • Supervision in context

  • Educational principles in supervision

  • Reflective practice

  • Supervisor and supervisee wellbeing

  • Group supervision

  • Working with organisations

Entry requirements:

Applicants are required to have:

  • Successfully completed a training programme of not less than 400 hours (taught) that has led to a qualification in counselling/psychotherapy or clinical/counselling psychology

  • Been in practice as a counsellor, psychotherapist or psychologist for not less than 2 years

  • Have seen a minimum of 20 different clients

  • Have completed a minimum of 300 hours of counselling/psychotherapy

  • Be over 21 years of age

  • Should have accreditation or registration from an appropriate body or be working towards accreditation or registration.

  • In addition, applicants must either have commenced working as supervisors in an appropriate agency or be in the process of making arrangements to supervise at least one person.


Suitable applicants will be required to attend a group interview session to be organised during August 2018

The tutors:

Professor Sue Wheeler is an accredited counsellor and psychotherapist and experienced supervisor.  She was course director of the counselling and psychotherapy programme at the University of Leicester.  She has vast experience of training supervisors and is the author of ‘Supervising Counsellors: issues of responsibility’ (with David King) and many articles on supervision


Professor Delia Cushway is a consultant clinical psychologist working in private practice. She was the course director of the clinical psychology training programme at the Universities of Coventry and Warwick and has many years of experience as a supervisor and trainer of supervisors.


Simona Stokes is a counsellor, psychotherapist and supervisor in private practice and the Director of Enable Wellness Consultancy.  She has had many years of experience working in the NHS including managing IAPT programmes.

At least two tutors will be present on each teaching day.

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